BTS at Strombo with my favourite redhead, Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre.


(Twilight, Barney's Version, Under the Dome)

“Maya is an extraordinary make up artist who has become a dear friend. Each time she does my make up for an event I’m amazed by her creativity and talent. Whether we are going for a bold look or something classic I always feel beautiful in the end result. It doesn’t hurt that she has the perfect personality to calm my nerves before my event if necessary! She’s truly one of the best and loveliest make up artists around.”

“Maya is an extraordinary make up artist who has become a dear friend. Each time she does my make up for an event I’m amazed by her creativity and talent. Whether we are going for a bold look or something classic I always feel beautiful in the end result. It doesn’t hurt that she has the perfect personality to calm my nerves before my event if necessary! She’s truly one of the best and loveliest make up artists around.”

DAVINA + DANIEL Photo courtesy of Chrisman Studios Makeup by Maya Goldenberg

DAVINA PALIK: Award winning wedding photographer at & Bride

“As a wedding photographer I know the importance of placing your trust in the hands of professionals on your wedding day – and that’s why I just could not imagine my wedding without maya there to help me look my best! Bringing her to mexico with me is a decision I am so glad I made. I felt confident and beautiful… And that feeling is just priceless!”

Anne, looking her graceful and elegant best, on her and Adrian's wedding day! Makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


“Maya was in tune with what I wanted for my wedding day. She actually listened to me when I insisted on using specific products for my fussy, oily eyelids. She was and is still a delight to be around. Her energy is seriously infectious. Here are my top 3 reasons why I trust Maya to do my makeup:
1) She knows her stuff and respects the look you want. Nude face, glamour, smoky eyes, whatever you want.
2) She listens to you, works with you. Voice your concern. She finds a solution. Foundation needs to stay put all day? Perfect neutral lip? Mascaras are not your thing because you look like a racoon in an hour? This girl knows her products inside out. Have a conversation with her. You’ll see.
3) She is seriously talented. Visit her website. Peruse her portfolio. Not just the professional shoots with crazy, beautiful models, but also us “ordinary” people trying to fool you into thinking we should be models! She genuinely loves people and brings out the best in you. This isn’t something easily conveyed in words. Pick up the phone, talk to her, or meet her to get the sense that she really wants to make you more beautiful than you already are. Thanks Maya!”

Carolyn ready for her reception! Makeup by Maya Goldenberg.




“Maya was great at making sure everyone was happy with their makeup. We all looked amazing!”


“My wedding day was actually the second opportunity that I had to work with Maya and I jumped at the chance! Maya’s work is nothing short of superior and the care she takes to get to know her clients and understand their vision cannot be compared to anything else. Maya took in every detail of the wedding to ensure that her execution was in line with the “vision” of the day. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I will not hesitate to contact her for any special occasions in the future!”


“Since I am generally a no-makeup person, Maya was such a big help on the big day. She arrived with tons of positivity (and croissants!), and transformed my look into something much more polished than I ever could have imagined. Being Chinese, I’m not always sure which shades of makeup to use, or what to do with the eye area, but Maya’s expert touch was just what I needed. Her keen sense of observation – as well as the fun she creates around her – were a great way to start the wedding day!”


“Maya, my faced LOVED the make-up therapy you gave it!! Usually, my skin hurts, and my eyes get irritated by any make up, but the make up therapy and your incredible application actually calmed my skin and felt so comfortable. I rarely wear make-up, so having make up done properly kept leading me to the mirror to try to comprehend, oh THIS is what make-up does when it is is actually done by a true artist. In a few photos that people took with their i-phones casually, even though the quality of the shots aren’t professional, what takes me aback is how the make up you so skillfully chose and applied accentuated the structure of my face, balancing the impact of gravity over 58 years and letting me see the framework I have in my face. It’s very cool! When I am able to book a make up lesson, I’ll get some make up remover then. In the meantime, thank you very very much, everybody looked so beautiful with your work. You are a multi-talented artist and the medium of make-up expresses that beautifully!”

Alice and Josh on their wedding day! Makeup and photo by Maya Goldenberg.


“Maya, I cannot say enough good things about you! You not only made me feel GORGEOUS on my wedding day, but you were also so fun and made the day so easy and I was SO calm. Maya is super responsive and was so detailed in her emails I never felt like I was lost. She listened to my concerns about what I wanted and didn’t want and made my makeup flawless the day of so that it was everything I imagined! My entire bridal party were all super grateful and satisfied! Thank you thank you thank you Maya!”

And they live happily ever after…How sweet are Nicole and Sebastian?! <3

HAZEL PARDINAS: Satisfied makeup student

“I had a makeup tutorial with Maya last week and it was a blast! I got to learn new makeup application techniques. We also played around with different makeup looks on my face and colours I wouldn’t normally pick for myself. Maya has a great personality. She’s funny, friendly and open. She told me about her new makeup & skincare line she’s working on called Kavana. I also got to buy some of the cosmetics that she used on me. I’d definitely go back to Maya for another makeup tutorial!”

WHITNEY HEARD: Wedding and Portrait Photographer

“FANTASTIC Makeup artist! So fun to work with and always has creative ideas. I have worked with Maya on multiple occasions and every time her work has been flawless. Not only is the make-up always perfect, but she knows how to make everyone laugh and feel comfortable in her chair. I recommend Maya to everyone!”

Photo Whitney Heard Makeup Maya Goldenberg


Maya is both VERY patient, and VERY professional . She really brings your vision to life, and makes you feel like a princess on your special day! All my bridesmaid, and family loved her energy– her work is so incredible, and she just makes you feel at ease. I would with out a doubt recommend her to ANY ONE getting married, or needs to be dolled up for a special occasion! CHOOSE MAYA!


“For an unprepared bride, Maya was extremely helpful in providing me with different options and figuring out what would work best for me. She is super friendly and open. She is not only a talented stylist, but also does fascinating work with eco friendly products!”

Alice and Josh on their wedding day! Makeup and photo by Maya Goldenberg.


“I am really happy I chose maya and her team for me and my bridal party. She was so professional and warm throughout the whole process and I appreciated her use of eco-friendly products as my skin tends to be sensitive. The morning of the wedding was relaxed and on schedule, which was important in keeping my stress levels low. Maya believes in using makeup to enhance natural beauty and me and my maids all were very happy with the final product.”

Amy and her beautiful bridal party. photo courtesy of Avenue Photo. On location at the Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto. Bride and bridal party makeup by Maya Goldenberg.

CARA BRAUDE: Satisfied Private Make-up lesson student.

I’ve been doing the same makeup my entire life and never really felt put together. My day look was pretty much my night look except I was a bit more heavy handed. Maya sat down with me and gave me an incredible one-on-one tutorial and taught me all of the basics. Now I feel confident enough to play with several looks. Maya introduced me to several new products, including her own line of skincare that is all natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic and helped point me in the right direction as to which colours work best on me.

I’m not one to look at the ingredients on things but she was a wealth of information, about why I should be choosing mineral based sun block vs sunscreen! I now have a whole morning and bed routine, from toner to night cream and I discovered that colouring in your brows isn’t just for your grandmother.

We had a great time together and she was so enjoyable to work with, was super professional and answered each one of my questions. I’ve been playing with different palettes since our tutorial and have even started watching YouTube videos and have received so many compliments, even my 6 year old nephew told me I looked pretty! Practice makes perfect and I’m grateful to Maya for this invaluable lesson and wish I had done it sooner!

Maya is both VERY patient, and VERY professional . She really brings your vision to life, and makes you feel like a princess on your special day! All my bridesmaid, and family loved her energy– her work is so incredible, and she just makes you feel at ease. I would with out a doubt recommend her to ANY ONE getting married, or needs to be dolled up for a special occasion! CHOOSE MAYA!

Megan and Akmal say their I-do's! Makeup by Maya Goldenberg.

J. SMITH RUBNEZAHL: Mother of the bride

“Maya! My faced LOVED the make-up therapy you gave it!! Usually, my skin hurts, and my eyes get irritated by any make up, but the make up therapy and your incredible application actually calmed my skin and felt so comfortable.

I rarely wear make-up, so having make up done properly kept leading me to the mirror to try to comprehend, “oh THIS is what make-up does when it is is actually done by a true artist.”

In a few photos that people took with their iphones casually, even though the quality of the shots aren’t professional, what takes me aback is how the make up you so skillfully chose and applied accentuate the structure of my face, balancing the impact of gravity over 58 years and letting me see the framework I have in my face. It’s very cool

Thank you very very much, everybody looked so beautiful with your work. You are a multi-talented artist and the medium of make-up expresses that beautifully!”


"Maya was wonderful. She made us look gorgeous for our day and even did touch-ups for us before the ceremony began. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone! We did a package with hair stylists as well and they did not disappoint. When my bridesmaid saw her hair she literally squealed with joy."

The gorgeous couple Taylor and Sarah on their wedding day.
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Lozer Photography. Bridal makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


Let me just start by stating this: Maya is a gem. She was highly recommended by the staff at my salon, whose judgement I trust, so I booked a trial with Maya right away. I simply sent her some looks that I was considering beforehand, had a conversation about the vibe of the wedding, showed a pic of my dress, and Maya got it in a snap. Her make-up felt incredible (hydrating and very light) and the look was dynamite! BONUS: I didn’t set out to work with an eco friendly artist- I wasn’t aware that it was an option, but thrilled that Maya has built her business to be low impact on the planet. I didn’t trial anyone else.

Fast forward to wedding day: me and my four ladies arrive at the salon. Actually one of my girls got held up on TTC streetcar (groan!) and arrived 45 min late. Maya was a pro, worked fast and was able to get us out on time. I loved the individual looks she gave my girls (all wearing diff dresses, hair), and they were really happy with Maya’s work. Honestly, the pictures speak for her talents. My make-up was perfect. Like knock-out, amazing. It felt incredible on the whole day. It didn’t melt off in the July heat. My gal pals and the ladies in my family loved my eye make-up and the lipstick colour. Some have asked for her contact info. 
I cannot praise Maya enough, and look forward to wedding season is over so I can book some makeup lessons with her!

Photo Whitney Heard Makeup Maya Goldenberg


“I would highly recommend Maya’s make-up services to anyone interested! Not only did she capture exactly what I had envisioned for my bridal makeup, but she was a true joy and pleasure to work with! She was kind, friendly and always available to respond to my questions and concerns leading up to my wedding. My mother, aunt, and sister were also were pleasured with her services. I can not thank her enough for helping to make me feel and look beautiful on one of the happiest days that I will ever experience! Thank you Maya!”


“I have worked with maya on my bridal collection shoots for the last four years in addition to other editorials, and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Maya is a true talent, a visionary and never ceases to amaze me with her quick on the spot artistry. She’s so passionate about her craft, researches all the latest trends, keeps up to date with the latest products, techniques and tools, as well as follows the runway shows for the most updated editorial inspired looks.
She is dependable, flexible and always puts her best foot forward. For my collections, I’ve just given her the vision and away she went, creating magic upon magic upon gorgeous magic.
I’m honored to have been able to work with maya on such major projects over the growth of my business, but best of all, I’m truly honoured to be able to call her a friend.
Thank you maya for always seeing my vision and taking it to that next level and for being a true talent.”

The gorgeous couple Taylor and Sarah on their wedding day.
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Lozer Photography. Bridal makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


“Working with Maya was wonderful! Her enthusiasm is contagious, which was great the morning of when I was feeling a little nervous. I was beyond pleased with the final look and received many compliments on my make up. It was a perfect mix of natural and dramatic. The make up lasted all day and all night. I would be very confident recommending her services to another bride!”

AMANDA KELLER: Personal client

“You cannot find anyone better than Maya! She is incredibly talented and professional, but also takes it to the next level by truly understanding your vision for yourself and your wedding. Maya listened to me and shared her skills and knowledge to really make things perfect for me. On top of that she helped me feel very calm.
Another bonus? She makes her own natural cosmetics. This sounded great, but was even better than expected. Her homemade tinted lip balm was delicious, nourishing and most of all the best colour quality of any lip balm I’ve tried. I still use it as a daily lip tint, so it’s natural looking too. She’s the one!”


“Maya is such a beautiful person and an absolute joy to work with. And not to mention, quite a talent! Her energy is contagious and made myself and all my ladies feel so at ease. We were all thrilled with our hair and makeup, and received endless compliments throughout the night! Thank you Maya for making me feel my best!”


“Maya is an amazingly talented make-up artist who made me look like a flawless, glowing beauty on my wedding day. She was totally flexible with my change requests throughout our trial period and was like a breath of fresh air to be arond on the day of. She is super efficient, stayed perfectly on schedule and is just so experienced- you really feel like you’re in good hands when she works on you. I also love that Maya uses natural products that are great for my skin. Maya is a complete gem. Book her early!”

To get to their ceremony on time and beat the traffic, Heather and John opted for the fastest option!! Photo courtesy of Tovah Fine.


“Maya! I cannot thank you enough for being there Saturday. Not only are your makeup skills flawless, but your presence the morning of my wedding was EVERYTHING. I can’t count how many times someone came up to me and said ‘wow, it’s nice to have Maya’s energy here’. Even my dad said that! Youa re the most wonderful human! My makeup- wow!!! i’m not gunna lie, I partied until 5am, hot-tubbed, went to bed (didn’t wash my face, I normally do) and woke up with flawless makeup- it actually lasted until I washed my face that night. I will definitely send you pictures as they come!! I’ll send what I have now. Thanks a million for everything! XO, Nikki ”

NIkki and Josh tie the knot in gorgeous Owen Sound, August 2019. Photo by Jess Imrie Photography.


“Maya was absolutely fabulous to work with! Her responsiveness and timing were excellent but most of all, her lovely personality made my day that much more special. She is charming, fun, attentive and utterly reliable and commands the lightest touch. All of my wedding party looked exceptionally stunning, truly at their very best! My trial was informative and fun and this made the day of the wedding a breeze. The quality and professionalism of the work done, truly shows what a beauty expert and artist Maya really is. She knows what she’s doing and it shows! My absolute favourite of all my wedding vendors, worth every penny, absolutely money well spent!!”


“Maya was wonderful, she listened to what I wanted and was able to flawlessly create the look for my wedding day. My bridal party also enjoyed working with Maya and loved their final looks. She was very flexible during the whole process and had no problem accomodating a second make-up trial for me. On the day of, everyone got lots of compliments on how beautiful and natural their make-up looked. I would not hesitate to recommend Maya’s makeup services! “

BTS, I snuck a quick photo of stunning bride Saydi on her wedding day! Bride’s makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


Maya is a true professional, and has the technical skill and top-notch products to create a beautiful look. In addition, she is warm, caring, and funny, and her fabulous personality makes her the kind of professional that you want to spend what is usually a pretty stressful day with. A friend of mine who works in the industry told me that Maya is regarded as one of the best make-up artists in the city. I can say first-hand that Maya is perfection! If there was a way to leave more than 5 stars, I would! Thank you Maya.

HEIDI BURBELA: Associate Producer 3Bird Media

“Maya worked with us on a commercial for a very popular, well known brand. She was a total professional who blended in well with the crew. She even did some heavy lifting to help move our shoot day along! Her outgoing personality made everyone feel more than comfortable sitting in her makeup chair. She’s a total superstar and a breath of fresh air in a work environment that is often frought with chaos.”

RICHARD JAMES: Director at FlyPress Films

“We are a video production company and hired Maya for on-location hair and makeup for our models for a swimsuit/lingerie product video shoot in Toronto. Maya arrived on time and got to work right away. She listened to the clients wishes and created styles to suit the both the models and products. The models looked amazing. Maya was on the ball all day, quickly attending to touch-ups between the many wardrobe changes, she even created a unique hair/make-up look for each of the product lines which was over and above the scope of work laid out for her. The client was really pleased with the outcome of her work and she was a pleasure to have on set.”

LOUISE MANY: Bride / Mariee

“Maya est exceptionelle….Toujours souriante et professionnelle elle est la personne a avoir avec nous le jour de notre mariage!!! Professionnelle et attentive aux détails…elle sait reconnaitre notre beauté naturelle pour nous faire briller encore plus pour le grand jour de notre vie. Elle a une grande écoute et elle a une grande expérience dans son domaine. Elle peut facilement nous guider dans le choix de la coiffure, des voiles et elle fait des maquillages extraordinaires. Je vous la recommande fortement.”

Doing last minute touch-ups on Louise before her wedding. Photo courtesy of Blushing Bride Studios.


“I cannot recommend Maya enough as a make-up artist and hairstylist, having worked with her on photo shoots for seven years. Beyond her natural talent and technical expertise, I can attest to her focus and professionalism. She has always been a serious appreciator of art, which injects her work with a sense of playfulness and a willingness to experiment when appropriate. Her charming, easy-going presence and sense of humour immediately diffuse any tension at a shoot and make her clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Maya is always the first person I recommend for hair and make-up.

MONIKA SIMON: Mother, Private Makeup lesson student

“Dear Maya: It was a great pleasure to meet you yesterday! You are an excellent teacher, an artist and such a delightful person! My new makeup felt so good, and I only hope to do justice to your creation from now on. The artful sketches will be my guide. Keep well and continue to make women so much more beautiful with your precious talent.”

Khrystyna and her gorgeous bridal party. Photo courtesy of Michelle Quance. All makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


“Maya has been absolutely incredible to work with. I had my own reservations about working with a makeup artist after hearing numerous horror stories from other brides – but Maya instantly dispelled any doubts I may have had from the very first time she replied to my email. Her attention to detail is impeccable. While I bombarded her with different ideas about the look, she really took the time to incorporate those ideas while at the same time amplifying my natural features (I noticed Maya!!!). The makeup application was flawless and beautiful, my bridal party and I received compliments all night long. I would truly recommend for every bride to have a trial with Maya before your actual day – it’s an invaluable experience.”


“I used Maya for my hair and makeup for myself and my bridesmaids as well as my mom and some family members! She was absolutely amazing, 5 stars! Kept everyone laughing during our preparations. We all loved the final look, and were so pleased with the photos! I absolutely recommend Maya to any brides looking for hair and makeup for their big day. Thanks Maya!”

MARNI GOLDMAN- Production Executive at Rogers Media, satisfied makeup lesson student

“I recently hired Maya to update my look and came away with a wealth of knowledge and tips and tricks of the trade. her spirited and supportive approach, combined with her beautiful artistry were most impressive.”

CHELSEA GREY: Wedding photographer at

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maya on various projects, ranging from corporate contracts to wedding events and I must say, she is an expert in her field! Known for her effervescent personality, she cannot enter a room without bursting through with warmth and sunshine. She is a gem and has honed her skills to perfection.  I would recommend Maya most definitely for her flawless technique, dedication to her craft and personable approach. 5 stars!” 

Cristina's winter wonderland wedding. Photo courtesy of Westend Studios. Makeup by Maya Goldenberg.

MICHELLE JACKSON: M.O.H and sister of the Bride

“Maya was amazing for my sister’s wedding. She has such a great personality and full of positive energy which we all really appreciated on the day of the wedding. She does such a beautiful job with make-up and I love that she used organic products! The bridal party was running late on the day of the wedding (limo issues) and Maya was so kind and laid back about it all which really eased our stress:) I definitely recommend using Maya for your big day! 🙂


“Not only was Maya super sweet and fun to have as part of my wedding day, she has amazing skill and beautiful products and a no-nonsense approach! I loved working with her and the hair stylist she brought along.”


“Maya, I can’t say thank you enough for all of your support leading up to our wedding day! Your emails always made me smile and put me at ease. The combination of kindness, passion for what you do and amazing professionalism is just part of why you’re successful, and it’s appreciated by any bride-to-be. Choosing you was one of my BEST decisions, aside from marrying the love of my life! All the best, Jessica and Ken Verne.”


“Maya, thank you for the incredible job you did on my wedding makeup. It was exactly what I’d dreamt of for my big day! Cheers to a very talented lady and thank you for everything!”


” I couldn’t be happier for using Maya Goldenberg for my wedding day! I had hired Maya in the past for ‘performance/stage make-up’ and loved the connection we made, so asked her for a wedding-day make-up trial. She is so professional and really listened to what I wanted. She was able to show me a variety of different looks so I cold truly decide and see what looked good and what I felt comfortable wearing. Having used her for two completely different looks, really showed how versatile she is. She is amazing; I will definitely use her again and highly recommend her!”

Maria and her. gorgeous bridal party! Photo courtesy of Sara Wilde. Bride and bridal party makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


 It was an absolute pleasure to work with Maya and her team. She’s really knowledgeable about the non-toxic beauty world, which was important to me, but also places a high value on products that perform. She really listened to what I wanted and was great at keeping things looking NATURAL, which was also really important to me. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about Maya and her team. They made things fun, relaxing and easy! Thanks Maya!”


“Maya is certainly an exceptionally talented hair and make-up artist. She brings the photographer’s direction and imagination to life and successfully transformed our athletes into confident models. She is equally fun to work with, which is why we’ve hired her again and again.”  

ARLENE L: Workshop guest participant

“Thank you so much again for your DIY SKINCARE workshop…it was incredible! It was an eye- opening, well rounded, workshop and I learned so much. Your comment on how we need to re-visit our perception of ‘luxury’ cosmetics and skincare really resonated with me. I truly didn’t realize how dangerous and damaging toxic ingredients impacted our health and well being. It was great for you to explain those ‘gloomy’ details (knowledge is power!) and then show us DIY solutions that were not only fun and (tasty!) but easy and truly empowering to make. Please keep your workshops going, I look forward to attending the next one!”


“I would like to share a wholehearted Thank You to Maya and Isabelle from myself and my bridal party. Our wedding day was made that much more special by sharing the morning with them. It was so much fun to get ready with these ladies! They came very prepared, made us all comfortable and truly listened to our visions, while providing their professional ideas. These ladies are incredibly talented and I would highly recommend their services. They are wonderful people and genuinely strive to make the full experience special. Thank you so much!! xoxo”

The radiant bride, Amanda! Makeup by Maya Goldenberg.

DAN SELIGMAN: Creative director for POP Montreal Music Festival,

“Maya did a great job working with us at POP Montreal several years ago. She was Diamanda Galas’ personal make up artist. Ms Galas is known for her incredibly demanding and difficult personality and Maya handled everything with complete professionalism and grace. It made the entire production much easier and contributed to the stunning success of the show. THANKS MAYA!!! :)”

AMANDA EAMAN-CASTLE: Bride and owner of

“Maya is the most talented makeup artist that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she listen to her clients in terms of what they want and what they are comfortable with, but she lights up the room with her big smile and easy humour. Time with her is like hanging out with a good friend and you always leave feeling beautiful. Maya is the only one I recommend to ALL my family and friends when they need to look their best.”


“Working with Maya is like working with your best friend. She truly cares about what she does and her passion shines through in every aspect of her work. I always leave her chair feeling confident and beautiful. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Behind the scenes is where I love to be! Here with the stunning Marie-Eve on her wedding day! Photo courtesy of Davina + Daniel.


“Not only is she an incredible hair stylist and makeup artist, but Maya’s warmth and great sense of humour are exactly what you need on your wedding day. She helped me feel beautiful, relaxed, and good about myself, which set the tone for the entire event! Cannot recommend her enough.”


“Not only is she an incredible hair stylist and makeup artist, but Maya’s warmth and great sense of humour are exactly what you need on your wedding day. She helped me feel beautiful, relaxed, and good about myself, which set the tone for the entire event! Cannot recommend her enough.”“Maya was a true pleasure to work with – she was fun, professional and on time for everything! On top of it, I LOVED my hair and make-up.  Maya was by far the best of all the vendors that I worked with for my wedding. ”


“Maya Goldenberg is a wizard! Having loved my trial session- she really took her time and made sure I loved the results, she was the obvious first choice for my wedding make-up. Maya transformed me into a gorgeous bride in record time and my six bridesmaids looked pretty stunning too! We all really appreciated her skill, efficiency and professionalism, her relaxed and reassuring vibe, and her quick wit. I would have had her do my hair too, but cloning technology just isn’t there yet! Huge bonus: she’s very eco-minded and knows loads about natural products.”

Photo courtesy of Sweet Bow Photography. Bride’s makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


“From the moment I met Maya at the National Bridal Show I knew she would be a blast to work with! It was not only the touch-up she gave my girlfriends and I that impressed me but her overall energy, enthusiasm and kindness. I knew immediately that she would be perfect to help us get ready for the day of. On the day of my wedding Maya showed up with the same energy and enthusiasm that I remembered, and kept us laughing all morning. I am always very cautious when another person does my makeup as I do not like wearing a lot at all and have very sensitive skin. Maya was so understanding to my concerns and used a great make up line that did not feel heavy and did not make my skin break break-out afterwards. My bridesmaids and I loved our make up and hair because it made us feel beautiful and lasted all day. I truly would recommend Maya to anyone looking for quality and professional make up service for any event!”

SAHAR IBRAHIM: Workshop participant

“Dear Maya, Thanks for such an amazing workshop and those delicious treats! You are so lovely and it was such a pleasure to be there and sharing that space with you. Glad I came across the event, it was the best Saturday afternoon I have had in a really long time! …The one thing I struggle with is getting a hold of clean make-up products and also because i love the Chanel range, but you have inspired me to start investigating and keep a look out for cleaner products, at least for the ones I use every day.”

You may kiss the bride!! Jane L. and Brian! Bride’s hair and makeup by Maya Goldenberg.

JANE L.: Bride



“I was so happy with the bridal makeup and hair Maya created for me. She did a beautiful job of incorporating fresh flowers with a vintage pin into a stunning updo. Of course the makeup was top notch, but since I have had the pleasure of having her do my makeup a number of times the past few years, I would not have expected anything less. A really comfortable and professional experience, one that I have and will definitely continue to recommend to friends.”

Diana and Ivan. Photo by Only hearts Photography. Brides’ hair and makeup by Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional. On location in PontyPool, On.

KARA B.: Bride

Maya is amazing! From the first time I met Maya for my bridal makeup trial I was impressed. She took the time to explain ingredients and all the questions I had, as well as put up with my indecisiveness when it came to what I wanted with my look. She was always quick to respond to questions via email or phone. Maya was able to make me feel beautiful on my wedding day without feeling overly made up so that I still looked like me. She also did makeup for my mom and two bridesmaids and everyone looked stunning! Her makeup line Kavana is wonderful, beautiful lipstick shades and so nourshing, does not dry out your lips whatsoever. Although people may argue natural makeup doesn’t last when you wear it, I would say it works just as well as stuff with toxic chemicals. For me using natural makeup was highly important as I suffer from makeup and avoid using toxic products. Nothing irrirated my sensitive skin and I felt my best on my wedding day! I definitely reccomend Maya to anyone who is looking to get their makeup done!!!!!!

Maya, putting the finishing touches on Kara B.’s makeup! Hair by Shanna Layton for Maya Goldenberg Eco Beauty Pro Team. Photo by Sara Monika Photo.


“Maya’s energy is incredible, as she sees the beauty in everything. Her bubbly personality and positivity made me feel beautiful on top of the phenomenal make up job she did for my party. She really listened to my concerns and requests, and achieved a look that I had envisioned. I also really liked the organic products she used as they were eco-friendly. Thank you so much Maya, for being so accommodating. I will definitely recommend to friends!”

KAT LAI: Bride

“Maya seems to have a natural instinct as to what colours and styles work well with each person’s features, resulting in gorgeous looks on everyone. Her work brings out the best in each person’s face, without making them look like they are caked with product. I’m also one of those people who hates the feel of foundation and makeup on my face, and when she did my make-up for my wedding, the products she used did not feel like anything. By the time the end of the night came, I’d forgotten I was wearing any at all. I would highly recommend Maya as anyone’s make-up artist. You will be very happy with how she makes you and your entire bridal party look!”

Kat and Gareth walking into the reception! Bride’s makeup and hair by Maya Goldenberg.

AIMEE C.: Bride and T.V Personality

“Maya is hands down one of the best makeup artists I have ever worked with! Not only is she incredible at her craft but she is kind, conscientious and incredibly relaxed. Maya was the first person to set the tone and energy for my big day. She was positive, fun and upbeat but when needed she was calm, cool and collected. I have subsequently hired Maya to do my makeup for red carpet events as well as TV shoots in both Montreal and Toronto. What I love most about Maya? She takes her business very seriously. She is extremely professional and you can always count on her and know that her commitment is golden.”

TALIA L.: Bride

“Maya is energetic, professional, kind, experienced and was just fun to hang out with the morning of my wedding! She made me feel and look amazing and I can’t look at my wedding pictures without thinking of her and being so grateful I chose her for my wedding day. I highly recommend her for any type of event!”


“Maya: I can’t say enough about how amazing you were on the 25th! I was a ball of nerves and you helped ease my anxiety by making us all laugh and worked your magic in record time to have us all beautiful and ready to go for showtime! The makeup lasted ALL night and I even woke up with my eyelashes perfectly in place! I would recommend you to anyone looking to feel beautiful and special on their big day.”

ESTHER F. Maid of Honour

“Maya is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. She is a master at her craft, listens to her clients, and always goes the extra step. I have never been disappointed with the outcome of her work. I always think of Maya when any event comes up, and recommend her with confidence to friends and family!”


“Maya Goldenberg is an incredibly talented make-up artist!
I was lucky enough that Maya was available to do hair & make-up for myself, my family and my bridesmaids on my wedding day. Maya is a true professional, as she listened to what I wanted, understood my style & personality and reflected these qualities beautifully in the exquisite look she gave me for my special day. I felt & looked stunning! Without feeling overly done up, she had me looking fresh, glowing and perfectly polished. I highly recommend Maya Goldenberg’s services for all your special occasions.”

Snapped this lovely right before her ceremony. Makeup by Maya Goldenberg.

AMANDA MABRO: Singer-Songwriter, Bride

“Maya understands faces; she has a great sense of what will be most flattering, is a great listener and skilled make-up artist. From an understated fresh bridal look to a more edgy and funky stage look for a performer, Maya’s work is consistently elegant and professional. Maya,


“I was so incredibly happy with everything! The day far exceeded my expectations, truly amazing! You were both so kind and truly fabulous at what you do, I was so lucky to find you, thank you so much!”

REBECCA KOHLER: Comedian, Actor

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maya Goldenberg twice over the past year. As someone who has had their make-up done numerous times for various television/photograph appearances, Maya is by far one of my favourite make-up artists. Not only is her demeanour generous and friendly, her skills are excellent. Never too much, always as natural as that kind of make-up can possibly look, Maya has a talent and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in need of a professional make-up artist. Thanks, Maya! Look forward to working together again soon!”


“Maya did an excellent job doing make-up for my wedding (myself, two sisters and mother). We wanted to look elegant but go really easy on the make-up and Maya produced exactly what we were looking for: a polished but natural look. What’s more, she works quickly and makes you feel comfortable and confident!”


“I chose Maya to do my makeup for my wedding and she made me feel so beautiful. She made the process so fun and enjoyable, and I really appreciated her focus on eco brands. Her knowledge about all of the products she uses was so incredibly interesting and helpful-I even changed some of the brands I use at home. I wholeheartedly recommend her! You will not be disappointed.”

Christa’s makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


“Maya was a thoughtful and graceful addition to my summer wedding. She brought talent, humor and good timing to the day and I received so many positive comments from my guests on her work. She was relaxed and efficient and kept us on time. Maya was able to interpret what we wanted and make it work with my dress and surroundings while being good natured and helpful. I would definitely recommend her.”

CATHERINE HAKES: Personal client

“Maya is an incredibly talented make-up artist who is always able to make me my ‘best self’. She has also taught me a lot about how to use make-up. She has shown me how to try eye-shadow, eye pencil and lip colours that look amazing, that I would never have considered trying on my own. Who knew I could look so great! (And not to mention that you can’t know Maya and not love her; a bright, vibrant, kind and funny lady!”

REBECCA PEREZ: Personal client

“I met Maya for the first time in the year 2009 when she did my make-up for my boyfriends’ prom. From the second she applied moisturizer on my face and she started talking, I fell in love with her and her style. Maya is unique to say the least, and she has talent and energy like I’ve never seen before. I truly felt like the most beautiful prom date! I loved her style so much I called her to do my make up for my own prom two years later! She is so devoted to her clients, she flew in from Toronto to make it. Maya is enthusiastic, funny and her talent as an artist goes way beyond any expectations I’ve ever had. I will be contacting her for my future events and definitely for my wedding day!”

The look of love! Featuring Cassidy, walking down the aisle to meet her beloved! Makeup and Hair by Maya Goldenberg.


“Maya balances a fantastic creative energy with precise execution. She was able to read my mom, sister and I perfectly on my wedding day. We all felt amazing thanks to Maya! Maya provided hair and makeup services for me, my sister and my mom on my wedding day. She was prompt, responsive and delightful. She really exceeded our expectations – such a pro. She understood our very distinct styles and went the extra mile to make sure we were all satisfied with our own look. Although I don’t plan on having another wedding (!) I would love to work with Maya again.”

SANDRA ZAMBON: Personal Client, satisfied makeup lesson student.

“Maya helped create a natural and healthy look for me that was EASY to create on my own. It’s exactly what I asked for! Maya also gave me several pro-tips and product suggestions that would not only improve my overall skin care but do it in the most healthy and natural way.”

VIENNA BLUM: Personal Client

“I had the privilege of having Maya do my make up and style my hair on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed both on the quality and service end. Maya is professional and treats everyone with exceptional attention and focus. I cannot imagine working with anyone else; I think of her first when planning an event for myself or someone else.”

STEPHANIE S.: Personal client, satisfied makeup lesson student

“Maya is the only person who’s ever been able to teach me how to actually do my own makeup myself like she had done it for me. The looks she created for me were amazing and diverse, but more important to me was that I could replicate it after she left.”


“I’ve been lucky enough to have maya do my makeup numerous times, and each time she does the most perfect job. She is kind, gentle and the utmost professional. I always feel so natural and beautiful after Maya does my makeup!”

GAIL A.: Personal Client

I snapped Sabreena behind the scenes in her stunning sari on the morning of her big day. Makeup and hair by Maya Goldenberg.

“Thank you for your expertise. You delivered exactly what you said you would. Exquisite make-up and wonderful hairstyles for the children and adults. Thank you for making a stressful (wedding) day much more relaxing.”


“Loved working with the talented Maya! Received many compliments on my wedding day on both hair and make up. Maya made me feel very comfortable on the wedding day, and was very open to feedback from the bridal trial which I appreciated. Overall, it was a pleasure working with Maya and she was able to answer all of my questions throughout the process. Thank you!”

MARIE-FATIMA RUDOLF: Jazz pianist and Singer-songwriter, personal client.

“Maya has a rare combination of talent and sweetness; she really listens to her clients and makes them feel comfortable and can fuse what they want with her own distinct artistic vision. I’m thrilled about her choice to use natural products! What a gem!”

SABRINA MALACH: Satisfied makeup lesson student

“Maya makes me more beautiful in the most natural way! I’m not a “make-up” person but she is my go-to for fancy events, weddings and photo shoots. She always makes me feel like a more beautiful version of myself and her products are top of the line and totally non-toxic. She’s a gem and we’re so lucky to have her in our networks.”

Before and after photo #BTS with Stephanie, seen here rocking a smokey eye for her friends' wedding. Makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


“I had the pleasure of working with Maya for my wedding ceremony day in April & my wedding reception day in June…. My goal was to have two completely different looks but somehow still maintain my own personal style and stay within my comfort zone. It was also super important to me that my makeup wasn’t crazy heavy, full of chemicals or potentially harm my skin after hours of wear. Maya not only provided me two incredible looks using eco-friendly, long lasting products, but also brought in a beautifully radiating and uplifting energy that seemed to stay with me throughout the events! I can’t even imagine what my days would have been like if they did not start with Maya, and I am so grateful that she came into my life! Thank you again, Maya! You are wonderful!!”

CELESTE SHANKLAND: Satisfied Makeup lesson student

“I had a makeup lesson with Maya recently and it was so much fun! It was like having a queer eye makeover – Maya makes you feel radiant and confident, all while making you laugh. She demonstrates technique and engages you in a way that is readily accessible and leaves you with the confidence to do it for yourself. Huge bonus, she is also eco-friendly and economical in the choices that she gives you. Highly recommend!”

Jazz pianist and singer songwriter Marie Fatima Rudolph, makeup by Maya Goldenberg.


Maya brought out the best version of me inside and out on my wedding day! She listened to me and achieved what I was looking for but she is also not afraid to make suggestions that I didn’t think to try. Not only her skills are amazing, her products make your skin breathe just as much as no products do! I used to break out every time I applied any sort of makeup and I thought that was normal until I did my trial makeup with Maya and found that good products do not do that at all. Last but not least, Maya has the ability to lift your energy no matter how your day is going or how you feel about yourself. She is positive, authentic, and beautiful, and it reflects on her work and people who she’s surrounded by. Thank you for making my day special in so many ways, and I too hope we have many more happy occasions to celebrate together in the future!

Cristina's winter wonderland wedding. Photo courtesy of Westend Studios. Makeup by Maya Goldenberg.
Photo by Whitney Heard, Mamiko + Aaron Sept. 2018 Makeup by Maya Goldenberg Hair by Shanna Layton for Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional’s ProTeam. Flowers by Living Fresh