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Bridal FAQs

Have a question for #Torontomakeupartist Maya Goldenberg about your bridal-beauty booking that is not in the FAQS below?  CONTACT Maya ASK her directly.  

BRIDAL FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. Can I get a PERSONALIZED, FREE QUOTE from Maya for my mobile, bridal beauty needs?

A. YES! Brides have a budget to respect and I get that. Shopping around, especially for shoes, is important! Let your fingers do the walking, in this case and call or Contact  me and provide all the important details of your big day, in the form provided. I will get back to you with a FREE, tailor made quote for you and your party's review, outlining the two packages we offer and matching rates and services we provide in a contract. Once you sign it and fill in the names of your party, return it to me with your deposit and we're on!


Q:  What is a PERSONALIZED BRIDAL BEAUTY FITTING (P.B.B.F) 'trial consultation'.

A: A Personalized Bridal Beauty Fitting (P.B.B.F) is an opportunity for us to meet in my home studio in downtown Toronto and say-i-do to flawless hair and makeup! During your P.B.B.F, you have the opportunity to try up to two hairstyles and two make-up looks on the same day.

Before arriving for your P.B.BF, we ask you to research the look and style that convey what you want on Instagram, Pinterest or in magazines and tear our pages or save photos to share with us, so we can share your bridal beauty vision. Once we have completed each look, we will document it on a personalized face chart and take photos for you from every angle to document your look. P.B.B.F can take anywhere from 1.5-4 hours, depending on what you need.

BONUS: WHEN to BOOK? We invite you to make the most of your trial by booking it on the same day as your engagement party or engagement photos, bridal shower, bachelorette party or another friends’ wedding celebration. This way you can get an idea of how the make-up will feel, wear and look in photos.

Q.  HOW do I book a P.B.B.F? 

A. Contact Maya by phone or by email, via the contact page on this website and be sure to include your phone number and e-mail address, so we can get back to you. Fill out the form thoroughly, making sure to indicate the day, month and YEAR of your wedding and many of the other importat details as well as THREE dates you wish to have your P.B.B.F on. We'll co-ordinate with you to confirm your P.B.B.F appointment. et voila! 

Q. Can I book a P.B.B.F with Maya BEFORE submitting my non-refundable, 50% deposit?

A. YES, of course!  In this instance, the rate for the P.B.F.F is paid separately upon completion of services, on the day of the P.B.B.F. Once you have decided we're the best match for you and your party, simply submit your deposit to secure our personalized, mobile, bridal-beauty-services for your big day. Your P.B.B.F fee, will be subtracted from the grand total.

**It is best to place a deposit to secure your date as early as possible, but we offer to 'save your date' for 24 hours after your trial. 

Q. WHEN is the best time to book my P.B.B.F?

A. P.B.B.F are conducted on weekdays from 9AM-10PM and weekends in 'off-season' from November-April. During 'high season', from May-Oct. weekend options are not as readily available.  There is ample, FREE street parking directly outside my home studio, throughout the day.

Q. WHAT if I need to re-schedule or cancel my P.B.B.F? 

A.  Please respect that the time you book for your appointment is solelly dedicated to you. As such, cancellations or missed appointments without 7 days notice are subject to a $40 fee.  If you have to cancel or reschedule in under 48 hours, a $65 late notification fee is incurred. 

Q. WHAT and WHOM should I bring to my P.B.B.F?

AWHAT: If you have a veil or a hair-acessory, bring it with you so that we can try it. If you are considering a veil but are not sure, please bring a make-shift veil, to get an idea. If you or any of your party, wishes to have hair-extensions added to their hairstyle on the day of, please bring those with you as well, so we can prepare them in advance. Finally, please bring a fabric swatch/sample of your dress and or your bridesmaids' dresses or photos of these.

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear a button down shirt or bring one with you, if you will need to change into a dress after your P.B.B.F., so as not to ruin your hairstyle. Choose a neutral or solid colour top for the trial. If you have tattoos that will show on your wedding day, make sure to wear something with a similar neckline, if you wish your artist to cover them up. Let your artist know about this in advance.

WHOM: We welcome and encourage you to invite your closest friend or relative to accompany you to your P.B.B.F. Your mother, sister, maid-of-honour, favourite cousin, are all great candidates for this job!  Choose someone who knows you well and will recognize the version of you that is most ‘you’. Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable with your look, like the most beautiful version of you possible with the make-up and hair.  

Q: Who is eligible for a make-up and hair trial/P.B.B.F?

A: Your wedding day is important for your family and friends and more often than not, they will also want trials. If this is the case, I always recommend sending a current photo of your bridal party members to your artists and asking your bridal party members what kind of looks they will like. This will make them more comfortable, but if they still prefer to book a trial for themselves, by all means, please tell them to contact us. Please note that we come to your location prepared with a kit that will work on everyone.

Q: Do I need to do more than one P.B.B.F?

A:  If you are comfortable and love how you look at your P.B.B.F, then you are confident with your look and ought not to second guess yourself. On the day of your wedding, we will always adjust the make-up and hair based on our notes from your P.B.B.F. Once we see you in your dress, with hair and the setting of the venue, we can fine-tune the look if it needs more colour, definition, luminosity etc.. If you are still unsure after the P.B.B.F or feel that your artist was misguided by your translation of what you think you wanted, then do a second. The rate will be the same for any second P.B.B.F. with the same or different artists. Please note: a P.B.B.F does NOT guarantee/confirm our services in any way and is non-refundable, even if we are booked following your P.B.B.F. A deposit and signed contract for 50% of the total listed rate is the only way to secure our services for your big day.

Q. Can I book Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional and her team without a P.B.B.F?

A. You LOVE us! You really really LOVE us!  Maybe you love the photos or maybe it's all the sweet testimonials from other brides-to-be that have convinced you we're a good match before we even meet! Either way, we appreciate it! If you live far away and are having a destination wedding, we would truly hate to make you fly us to Jamaica twice! ;)

Truth be told, we rarely accept weddings without conducting  a P.B.B.F before your wedding, but understand that it is not always easy or possible to co-ordinate. In cases like this, we do recommend at least three skype/video-phone calls, leading up to the big-day, so that we can discuss what you and your party envision for the big day and make sure we're on the same page about your bridal beauty vision as the date approaches. Communication is key!


Q. I think it's love! How can I confirm Maya and her team's services for my wedding day?

A. A signed and filled-in contract along with a non-refundable 50% deposit secures Maya and her mobile-bridal beauty team of hairstylist(s) for your big day and outlines what is included in your package. Accepted modes of payments are credit cards (+7% fee), cash or e-mail money transfers. We do not accept personal or corporate cheques, credit notes or otherwise. Upon confirmation, Maya will also prepare a detailed, bridal beauty schedule for you and your party, outlining arrival and departure times that respect your timeline and the you and your party's hair and makeup needs. The balance is due in full on the morning of your wedding, unless paying via e-mail transfer, in which case it is due the night before.

Q. Can I buy a Gift Certificate for a bride/bridal party members which is good towards a service?

A. Of course!  Our beautiful, personalised Gift Certificates are the perfect present for the bride-to-be and or her bridal party. They can be used towards booking P.B.B.F (trials), wedding day services, private one-on-one classes or group Eco-Beauty parties. Mother-in-laws ad sister-of the brides, especially love these! They come in Denominations of $150.

Q: I'm having a destination wedding, does Maya travel?

A:  YES!  Booking in advance is key to ensure the fairest fare of them all for our travel and accommodation needs. Be prepared to provide travel arrangements/associated expenses in addition to the service fee. We have a two-day minimum fee, depending on the destination. We come prepared with our kits and weatherproof these, in case the destination is extremely hot/humid (ie: beach weddings). We have done weddings in Mexico, Jerusalem, NYC, Boston, Winnipeg, and all over the GTA and Quebec.

We also offer make-up lessons which you can book privately for yourself or your entire wedding party.  Fun right?! We can teach you step-by step directions that you can recreate yourself or give to an artist on site. This enables you to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident with your look and takes the unknowns and guesswork out of it.

Q: Do I need a contract?

A: You are likely devoting all your time, finances and attention to every other detail of your day but the photos of your big day will encapsulate your memories forever. Looking and feeling your best in these, is important and making sure your Eco-Beauty Professional(s) are there to get your ready, means confirming the date, time, services and rates in advance and in writing. A reputable professional will always have something in writing for you to confirm ALL the details with them in advance.

Q. Are there other fees I need to know about, aside from the booking fees for hair and make-up?

A. Travel fees from our destination in downtown Toronto, to your destination, will be determined and listed on your contract. The range varies, depending on the distance of your wedding from downtown Toronto and the price of flights, trains, zipcars or Car2Go and other modes of transportation. To ensure the fairest fare of them all, please contact us as EARLY as possible to confirm your P.B.B.F or booking straight away.  

Should the bride or her party run late, requiring Maya and her team to stay past the alloted time on the schedule, a late-fee of $55/30 mins. will be payable by the client, before services are performed. Client will provide Valet parking and expense parking fees when these are not complimentary as well as food for bookings of more than 5 hours. Please note that the rates and packages quoted in your contract, apply to one prep-location. Travel to another location for touch-ups, for example, will be added to travel time to and from the original location. Touch-ups are available with a minimum of two hours and do not include travel to different locations or extra-artist rates, which vary, based on the season booked in. All of these fees will be listed on your contract under the 'policies' section.

Q. What if some of my guests wish to also have their hair and or make-up done at the last minute? 

A. Our priority on your wedding day, is you and your party. Once we have completed touch-ups after your services, other guests are welcome to join you in looking glamorous! Should any of your party back-out, either due to illness or a missed flight for example, that person's place, can be taken by another guest with your permission. If there is no one to replace their spot with, the balance due does increase with fewer people requiring our services. All of this is also indicated in detail on your contract.

Q: Which should I do first-hair or make-up?

A: We always recommend starting with hair before make-up because if the hair is being set in rollers, the time while the hair is setting and off the face, can be used to do the make-up. We want to maximize your time and this is the most efficient way.

Q: Does Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional provide hair extensions and styling and are these included in the quoted rates?

A: We are happy to accompany you to the store to buy human-hair, clip-in extensions if you and consult professionally with you on the appropriate length, colour and texture for your desired hairstyle however, the cost of the actual extensions is not included in the quote and appointments must be made at least six months prior to your wedding. The rates for application of clip-in hair extensions vary depending on the amount of clip-in extensions desired. We do not do weaves or sew in extensions. We can only style hair extensions made with human hair, so please make sure not to buy or bring synthetic hair-extensions to your personalised bridal-beauty fitting.

Q: Does Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional provide a grooming schedule for the bride and bridal party?

A: We always provide a grooming schedule and recommend that if you have a wedding planner, that they communicate with us directly to ensure that we are all on the same page, as far ahead of time as possible.

Q: Who should go first? When should the bride go?

A: The mother of the bride should go first because as it gets closer to ready time, she will be asked to do many other things like liaise between the florist, caterer, venue and other family members. The bride should go second so that she can enjoy the process in a relaxed fashion and allow plenty of time for touch-ups after everyone is done, before stepping into her gown. She can always have her lipstick touched up after the veil is placed and then get to the venue on time and make her big reveal!

Q: Do I include the groom’s side in my beauty process? Bridesmaids? The groom and groomsmen?

A: Everyone appreciates feeling included but this is a very personal preference. It’s always nice to include the mother and or sister(s) of the groom if they are flexible around the time you need for your service and your bridal party is always going to make your day more memorable and fun!  We can provide multiple artists per party, so that everyone can be done at their desired time. If people are unsure until they see how gorgeous everyone looks on the day of, we are also happy to stay and do their hair and make-up; regular rates will apply. 

Q: Does the groom also need grooming?!

A: In our experience, the men always joke about 'being next' in our make-up and hair chair but we know they’re only half kidding! Getting to the ceremony on time is all we want your man to worry about but we know you want him to look and feel his best too! Why not pamper him with a pre-wedding massage, haircut, facial or mani-pedi? If he’s not the type who will go to a public space to get these done, offer to do them for him at home. 

One of our stylists is a phenomenal barber, so if your fiancee and his groomsmen wish to have their eyebrows tamed or a fresh shave and haircut, please let Maya know.

Q: What kind of products does Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional use and will they be long-wearing?

A: This is a great question and probably the most common one we get! We always ask our clients if they have any allergies or preferences to use their products but we use about 95% organic skincare and make-up, that is long lasting, feels, smells and looks great!

The brands we use include: O.C.C, Province Apothecary, Sappho, Vapour, Ilia, Bite and Dalish. In the non-organic products we try to minimally use, our brands are Christian Dior and NARS Cosmetics. For hair, we are slowly transitioning to organic haircare but use UNITE, Shwarzkopf and L'oreal Professional products for now. We use a combination of vegan and non-vegan hair and make-up brushes. Our skincare and make-up products are for sale and we also offer gift certificates if you’d like to offer any as gifts to your bridal party.

Q: Do I need my eco-beauty professional(s) to stay with me? Until when?

A: We love weddings and approach each one as we might a photo shoot. That is, our goal is to ensure you feel and look your best, that your make-up is long-lasting, timeless and looks absolutely amazing in photographs! We're always happiest to stay for touch-ups for your photos (rates vary according to the time requested) and pre and post ceremony touch-ups. If you have a change of clothes (saris, different dresses for tea ceremony or other etc..) and require a different look, this is not classified as 'touch-ups' and  the rates will reflect this. We will plan the necessary arrangements and timeline with you to make sure everything flows smoothly.

Q: Do I tip the artist?

A: Additional compensation is not expected but a gratuity (15-20%) is always appreciated. We always ask the bridal party pay the bride for their services if she is not covering them, and that the bride be the only person giving the vendor their fees. This is a matter of discretion and alleviates any awkwardness at the time of payment.

Q: What should I have in my touch-up bag?

A: You will need a pressed powder and or blotting papers to reduce excess shine on yourself and your groom, a lip balm for you and your groom (all that kissing takes it's toll!), your lip-colour for reapplication, blush and breath mints. Kleenex and q-tips are also quite handy to smooth any make-up that settles around the eyes if a loving speech or song makes you teary. We sell both organic skincare and make-up and are happy to recommend products tailor made to your needs.

Q: Can I buy organic, skincare and make-up products from Maya Goldenberg-Eco-Beauty Professional?

A: Of course! We love what we do and want to share as much of it with you as possible! If you wish to use the same products at home that we do on your wedding day, or replenish those you bought on your big day, we offer them for sale and would be happy to recommend the right ones for you! Being an Eco-Beauty was never easier!

Q. Can I post photos from my wedding or P.B.B.F and tag Maya and her team in them?

A. Yes! We'd love to see your professional photographer's photos and share the love with you on social media! With your permission and the photographer's credit, we'd be thrilled to include these photos on our website, to help other brides in their bridal beauty-booking decision. We reserve the right to take and post photos of the bride before and after hair and make-up on the day of, to our social media accounts and website, to document our work.



Bridal FAQ


  • “From the moment I met Maya at the National Bridal Show I knew she would be a blast to work with! It was not only the touch-up she gave my girlfriends and I that impressed me but her overall energy, enthusiasm and kindness. I knew immediately that she would be perfect to help us get ready for the day of. On the day of my wedding Maya and Isabelle showed up with the same energy and enthusiasm...
  • “As a wedding photographer I know the importance of placing your trust in the hands of professionals on your wedding day - and that’s why I just could not imagine my wedding without Maya there to help me look my best! Bringing her to Mexico with me is a decision I am so glad I made. I felt confident and beautiful… and that feeling is just priceless!
    DAVINA PALIK: Award winning Wedding Photographer at, Bride
  • "Maya is the most talented makeup artist that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she listen to her clients in terms of what they want and what they are comfortable with, but she lights up the room with her big smile and easy humour. Time with her is like hanging out with a good friend...
    AMANDA EAMAN-CASTLE: Bride and owner of
  • "Maya is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. She is a master at her craft, listens to her clients, and always goes the extra step. I have never been disappointed with the outcome of her work. I always think of Maya when any event comes up, and recommend her with confidence to friends and family!"
    ESTHER F. Maid of Honour
  • "Maya is the only person who's ever been able to teach me how to actually do my own makeup myself like she had done it for me. The looks she created for me were amazing and diverse, but more important to me was that I could replicate it after she left."
    STEPHANIE S.: Personal client