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Bridal • 6th Jul, 17 • 0 Comments

The weekend after I returned from Europe, I was booked on Jodie and Milan's GORGEOUS wedding in Niagara! The bride and her bridal party were staying at the enchanting Orchard Croft BnB in Jordan, Ontario where they had celebrated their Indian ceremony the night before. With it's cornucopia of fruit trees, including a cherry, peach and pear trees, the entrance to this place held promise of sweet times!

Making the day joyful from the start, we were greeted by a beaming bride and a welcoming bnb owner who made us feel right at home. The party regaled us with stories of the dancing from the night before and were all quite jovial! We had a splendid time making up the bride and her party, including her mother in law and two sisters-in law to be! I just love the photos Jodie's friend and photographer Avital Zemer took of all the celebrations, they really relate the joyfulness of the happy couple and we are so grateful to have shared in their special day!

Note to self: is it ok to just want to wear a crown of jasmin flowers in my hair every day?! ;)

The bride sneaking a peek after the hair and makeup was all done!

A gorgeous upd by my fave hairstylist Maureen Posadas 

Cheers to the bride and everyone looking and feeling fabulous!

We did 9 people's hair and makeup but it went by so quickly!

Love this shot by Avital Zemer.

Jodie heading over to Milan for the big reveal...

What a sweet reaction! I think he's overhelmed by her beauty, natch!

the look of love..

Sealed with a kiss!

and they lived happily ever after... ;)


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