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Maya’s Bridal Beauty Timeline

As a #professional #Torontomakeupartist and #hairstylist, Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional loves bringing our salon expertise to your cozy home, hotel room or party. To help you stay as organized and get your gorgeous on with as little stress as possible, here is a Bridal Beauty Timeline to make life just that much easier for you!

Bridal Beauty Timeline


Congrats on your engagement! You've chosen your bridal party and booked the venue and you're ready to find your perfect match in bridal hair and makeup land. Feeling and looking like you, only 2.0 is a riority we understand. At this time, it's best to inquire about professional make-up artists and hair stylists' availability and on-location, bridal beauty packages for your wedding day.

If you wish to schedule your personalised bridal beauty fitting (trial is such an ugly word!) to coincide with your engagement party or upcoming engagement shoot or bridal shower up to six months prior to your wedding, now's the best time to book it!  Want to have a trial before you choose your professional H&M team? Definitely get an early start and let us bring-out your most beautiful you!


Six months before your wedding, you can schedule a personalized bridal hair and makeup consultation with prospective eco-beauty professionals and discuss your look together. Send your artist a current selfie, showing your hair length, skin and eye colour, along with photos of hairstyles and makeup you envision for yourself. Depending on your hair, skin and eye colour, try to choose photos of models/celebrities that resemble your colouring for a realistic idea of what the 'look' will look like on you!

Once you book your eco-beauty professional, make sure to stay in touch about any possible changes to the size of your bridal party or any other important details, like the venue where you will be getting ready. If you are having more than one ceremony/reception (ie: traditional or out of town party/rehearsal dinner), make sure to book your bridal beauty pros in advance for these events as well.


Stay hydrated! Eat right! Exercise and get lots of sleep!

Thanks mom! Eating right and using organic and natural personal care products and cosmetics, is an optimal plan all the time but especially beneficial for brides who want to look and feel their best leading up to their wedding! Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, working out, facials, face waxing/laser, massages, eyebrow shaping (see 'Microblading' below), teeth whitening, self-tanning all of these healthful habits and special treatments need to be started and continued consistently, leading up to the big day to prevent sudden breakouts, allergic and/or adverse reactions.


If your fiancee's brows are uniting in holy matrimony, you can treat him to a guy-friendly spa or pamper him at home. Face waxing (nose, ears, brows) and nail and hand care are also recommended for your man and a massage never hurt anyone. Get him to book an appointment for a haircut, fade touch-up or beard trim far ahead!

Brides, no matter the updo you want, healthy hair needs trimming, so keep your hair healthy and fresh with a visit to your hairstylist at this time.

'GEL' NAILS, LASH EXTENSIONS & MICROBLADING: These are questions I get asked about A LOT, by brides-to-be. As an eco-beauty pro, I prefer the au-naturel enhancements that are the most eco-friendly, that organic makeup offers. The toxic smell you and your nail technician will inhale are not worth the nausea that the gel nailpolish fumes will cause (upon applicaiton and removal!) and there are PLENTY of eco-beautiful nailpolishes that really work and have gorgeous colour selections out there, these days! Call me, and I'll happily tell you about them!

LASH EXTENSIONS:  Travelling? Tear up easily? As far as lash extensions go, these are high-maintenance and cost a lot, but for one day in your life, why not pamper yourself, right? Be sure to ask about the kind of glue the trained and certified professional lash technician uses, and make sure there are no harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and toluene in the glue, which can cause painful allergic reactions around your eyes if they are on the sensitive side! Definitely something I would personally avoid, but especially closer to your wedding day! Do a TRIAL of these 3-6 months before your wedding. Sensitive eyes? Avoid it and opt for an eco-friendly mascara instead or one application of false lashes for the day/night.

MICRO-BLADING: Overplucked, fine, undefined brows? This latest version of semi-permanent makeup is pretty gorgeous when done right. Unlike tatooing, this semi-permanent process lasts for about three years and takes about 3 hours to do properly. Make SURE to vet a great technician, who is both licensed and experienced. Read their reviews and look at their before and after photos, otherwise, you may wind up feeling more like Groucho Marx than Brooke Sheilds!!

LIPSTICK and POWDER: Want to touch up on your wedding night, once we're gone? Make sure to give yourself enough time to pick up whatever blotting sheets or powder and lipstick you will want to use on your big day. 

SILK KIMONO:  Look and feel your best in those behind the scenes photos and pick up a silk kimono for yourself to mark the special day and get ready in style! Maybe get some for your party too, they can all match or be different, and aside from being a great 'thank you gift' to your party, they always look great in pictures!


Dye your hair platinum blonde! Adopt sky-blue lipstick as your trademark look! Get a beauty mark piercing!

Just kidding! Now is not the time to try new things you have not done before! Use your time wisely and make sure to schedule some R&R for yourself to remain as serene as possible. Got your lipstick and powder? Now's the time to prepare your or your trusted maid of honour's evening bag with this... 

Checklist of mini-must-haves: 

-bobbi pins (matching your haircolour!)


-safety pins

-lip balm/gloss

-blotting sheets for your man or yourself (photos under a hot sun can be humid!)

-band-aids (blisters from those heels!)

-Q-tips and tissues

-double-sided tape

-clear (eco-friendly!) nailpolish

-refreshing towelettes

-hand cream

Make sure to spread any remaining treatments out over the last two weeks, including mani-pedi, massages and final facials, so as not to wait till the last minute and leave everything to the day before, when your in-laws to-be, surprise! arrive early. 


Get your beauty rest! A good eight hours sleep is always recommended and the less alcohol you drink at the rehearsal dinner, the better your skin will look in the morning and the less groggy or hung over you will feel too! If you do wear make-up to the rehearsal dinner or family party, make sure to take it off before your head touches the pillow and use a toner and face oil to make sure your skin is glowing in the morning! 

HAIR: Some brides ask about whether or not they should wash their hair the day of or the night before and that always depends on your hair, but generally, day-old hair is always easier to style. Be sure to consult with your eco-beauty pro about this. Share with your bridal party as well, especially if they have fine hair. Discuss any styling products you use, like hair masks or dry shampoos and serums with your stylist as well. An oily serum is not recommended the night before!

BODY & FEET: Finally, if you have time for a relaxing hot bath, some bubbles a bit of soft music, or even just a peppermint foot scrub for feet that will surely be tired by this time tomorrow, take the time and pamper yourself. Finish up with a body cream and don't forget a hand cream and some gloves to make sure your hands are satiny soft!

FACE: A little lip balm along with your skincare ritual of cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser will be particularly helpful to keep you looking dewy and feeling kissable! Ask me about local, luxury, organic make-up I sell and recommend too!

THE DAY OF: If you're the kind of bride who is low-key or does not like being the center of attention or is just a little nervous with all that is going on, take a moment of zen to yourself and breathe some deep breaths, write a letter to your partner, smell the flowers, drink the green juice! Remember, everyone you will see today is there becaue they love you and want to share in your love, and that's really a privilege and a beautiful thing, isn't it? Happy wedding day!

Bridal Timeline


  • “From the moment I met Maya at the National Bridal Show I knew she would be a blast to work with! It was not only the touch-up she gave my girlfriends and I that impressed me but her overall energy, enthusiasm and kindness. I knew immediately that she would be perfect to help us get ready for the day of. On the day of my wedding Maya and Isabelle showed up with the same energy and enthusiasm...
  • “As a wedding photographer I know the importance of placing your trust in the hands of professionals on your wedding day - and that’s why I just could not imagine my wedding without Maya there to help me look my best! Bringing her to Mexico with me is a decision I am so glad I made. I felt confident and beautiful… and that feeling is just priceless!
    DAVINA PALIK: Award winning Wedding Photographer at, Bride
  • "Maya is the most talented makeup artist that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she listen to her clients in terms of what they want and what they are comfortable with, but she lights up the room with her big smile and easy humour. Time with her is like hanging out with a good friend...
    AMANDA EAMAN-CASTLE: Bride and owner of
  • "Maya is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. She is a master at her craft, listens to her clients, and always goes the extra step. I have never been disappointed with the outcome of her work. I always think of Maya when any event comes up, and recommend her with confidence to friends and family!"
    ESTHER F. Maid of Honour
  • "Maya is the only person who's ever been able to teach me how to actually do my own makeup myself like she had done it for me. The looks she created for me were amazing and diverse, but more important to me was that I could replicate it after she left."
    STEPHANIE S.: Personal client